On power up light smoke is coming out of OLED shield

For the Air quality project, I assembled all components.
However, on power-up, a light smoke is coming out of the LED shield and it did not display anything. I powered off immediately.
What shall I do?
Any suggestion to test without the OLED shields?

That would certainly be surprising. Once the magic smoke comes out, often the part is dead, but I’ve been wrong before.

Any chance you installed the OLED upside down so the wrong pins were connected? With the socketed
and PCB design, that is about the only thing I could think that could allow it to be connected incorrectly, outside of just installing it too high or low so some of the pins didn’t make it into the socket at all.

Hopefully it is just the OLED and the rest of the components work. You could try removing the OLED completely and go back to trying the Blink example code in Arduino to see if the D1 Mini is still operational. If it doesn’t show up as a serial device, or fails to upload the basic example, it may have been damaged as well.

Thanks, I removed OLED, and the blink example worked as expected.

I’ve had the same issue too!

The screen was working as expected at first, though it’s heated up so much throughout the night that I presume it’s burnt out whilst unattended.

I checked the voltages coming out of the Wemos D1 Mini and they were 5 and 3 volts on the expected pins, these matched up with the silkscreen on the OLED shield too, so I don’t believe this was a build issue if I’m honest.

I checked for any resistance in my joints and found nothing also.

Any ideas?

I’ve got a dead OLED shield now, the Wemos D1 is still working just fine and it’s reporting correctly.

Here’s a picture of the OLED shield, it was placed in the socket in this orientation, the burn marks can be clearly seen.

Could this be caused by using the wrong version of the “ESP8266 and ESP32 OLED driver for SSD1306” library?

I didn’t RTFM and installed version 4.2.1 instead of 4.1.0 that it’s been tested on…

That said, I test placing the OLED screen in another Wemos D1 with the simple OLED example flashed onto it and I feel it immediately start heating up the same place, I think the OLED screen is just defective.

can you please also send a picture from the backside?

Sure thing, here it is.

Looks like the 5v and GND on the lower left got hot, are you sure you plugged it in correctly ?

No, driver version differences will not cause the smoke to release.