OLED Shield not working at all - how to set up and test

To test the OLED shield, I just connected the OLED shield with ESP8266. But it does not turn on at all.
I just want to connect OLED shield with ESP8266 and then test.
Once the test is fine I will connect it to the Air Quality kit.
I appreciate any help on this.

Did you ensure that the pins lined up correctly ?

Yes, I am using a breadboard. I connected gnd with gnd, 3.3v to 3.3v, d4 to d4 and d5 to d5. I have not soldered them.
Are these connections right?

what about GND ? you will certainly need that for it to work.

Yes, GND to GND also.

That should work.

Have you tested any other I2C devices ?

@Raj maybe a stupid question but did you actually flash the code onto the Wemos before testing?

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Yes, I did. I see also output on the serial monitor. It is calling the display routine of Airgradient code. But nothing is appearing on the OLED display.

Maybe try and scan for the i2c address and see if that matches the one in the code.

8:22:37.065 β†’ β€” Scan started β€”
18:22:37.065 β†’ No I2C devices found
18:22:37.112 β†’ β€” Scan finished β€”
18:22:37.112 β†’
18:22:42.084 β†’ β€” Scan started β€”
18:22:42.084 β†’ No I2C devices found
18:22:42.118 β†’ β€” Scan finished β€”
18:22:42.118 β†’
18:22:47.090 β†’ β€” Scan started β€”
18:22:47.090 β†’ No I2C devices found
18:22:47.137 β†’ β€” Scan finished β€”
18:22:47.137 β†’
18:22:52.149 β†’ β€” Scan started β€”
18:22:52.149 β†’ No I2C devices found
18:22:52.149 β†’ β€” Scan finished β€”
18:22:52.149 β†’

I ran the test and above is the output.

I2CScanner scanner;

void setup()
while (!Serial) {};



void loop()

can you post photos of your devices?

Hi- I have the same issue, the OLED shield does not appear in the I2C scanner and no display etc with the code. I have a separate similar oled for another project and this gets recognised and is able to display. Maybe a production error?

Hi - I appear to have the same issue. Got the full DIY kit (incl CO2) and it appears that the OLED module is the only one not functioning properly. It did not work at all on first day of attempted use. I left board unpowered for a week and when I first plugged it in I got the β€œinit” screen but screen has since gone dark and appears not to function.

I can tell the rest of the board is functioning as I can see β€œsensible” data posting into the airgradient app (and can poke it for metrics directly thanks to Jeff Geerling’s repo)