OLED on/off possible?


I have yet to own an Airgradient CO2/PM2.5 monitor but something that has surprised me is that I see no way of turning off the OLED screen. Is this something that can be programmed by code or would it only be possible through a hardwired switch?
If I’m not mistaken the device is also designed to log data to a remote server so that sensor readings can also be consulted remotely either though a browser, an app or whatnot. It would seem to me that having a screen permanently on wouldn’t be that critical plus it would also lower considerably the lifespan of the OLED.

Thank you for your input.

There are no hardware buttons configured in the V2 configuration, so no easy way to toggle anything. You could modify the provided Arduino code to not enable the OLED if you wanted.
I’m personally using ESPHome with mine so it can send to my Home Assistant, but I still find it way more convenient to glance at the OLED when I’m wondering what the status is for a quick update.

You could use one of the remaining pins to solder a cable with a button to achieve this.

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Wondering if adding a touch screen would be possible?