OLED Display not showing anything (OLED is blank)

I assembled the Kit of DIY BASIC on the breadboard first, just to try whether it works or not, after it’s successful I will move it to the PCB, but after I assemble it why doesn’t the screen turn on?
I have been going through the instructions on the Air Gradient Site as well as Jeff Geerling’s video and have found that my OLED display does not show anything after flashing with the “DIY Basic” example sketch. I have tried uploading the blink example which worked no problems. However, after uploading the DIY BASIC sketch, I get no lights and the OLED is blank. I have looked through the forum with no luck.


Mine (pro 4.2) did the same but booted - somewhat - once I disconnected the SHT (temp sensor). Still working out why.

Thanks for the reply, I already disconnected SHT30 but the OLED still dont show anything

In our built instructions the OLED display is mounted directly on top of the D1 mini.

In your breadboard version it is difficult to verify if all required pins are connected.

Thank, now it works

How to connect the monitor to the dashboard? I mean, how to fill the ssd and password with?

@Fajar_Lukmanul_hakim This should help: