Newbie Help with MallocArray HA

I’ve installed MallocArray’s HA definition on my AG-One and it’s been working great, but being new to ESPHome I’m confused about a few things. First of all, the latest release includes an led_combo option, but I have no idea how to enable this. Can someone please walk me through the process?
Second, my ESPHome config folder has multiple nested .esphome folders. Is this normal? Image attached. Thanks.!


Oh, and I’m running HAOS on a Pi4.

This is pretty straight forward. In the config YAML file, you need to remove the line ending in led_co2.yaml and replace it with led_combo.yaml and then install it again.
You could fully remove the line, or put a # in front of it to comment it out, or just modify the line with what you desire. You’ll still need the file named just led.yaml as that configured the LED component itself and the combo line configures how it is used.

This is what my config file looks like

  led: !include packages/led.yaml
  # led_co2: !include packages/led_co2.yaml
  # led_pm25: !include packages/led_pm25.yaml
  led_combo: !include packages/led_combo.yaml

This way if I want to switch, I just add and remove the # from the various lines. Just make sure only one of the co2, pm25, or combo lines is enabled at a time.

As far as the multiple nested folders, I can’t say for sure. I’ve been using the Docker version of ESPHome and don’t see that, but could be normal for the HA Add-on. I’m working on getting moved over to that type of setup, but want to finish up some improvements I’m in the middle of first

Thanks for the quick reply. I suspect I did something incorrectly during the install. This was my first ESPHome device and don’t remember exact steps I took. Here’s my config file:

This helps explain the nested folders. Under packages: you have a reference to the entire config file which then has packages inside of it, and I’m nearly certain that is what is causing it.

I would replace all of the contents of your config file with the exact contents of this file:
airgradient_esphome/airgradient-one.yaml at main · MallocArray/airgradient_esphome (

Then add your ssid and password under Wifi, referencing your secret file and if you add the API encryption.
You can also change the friendly name again.

But no need to list the esphome: section as it is contained in the packages, and you should have a list of packages as well as the dashboard_input section that mentioned the whole file.

Thanks. I was coming to that realization and beginning to make those changes when I got your reply. Thanks for confirming and providing details about the config file.

As an aside, what is the correct way to post code in this forum? I tried blockquotes but that didn’t work. Cheers.

I use markdown syntax.

For a block of code, make a new line with three tilde (To the left of 1 on the keyboard) ```
Then on a new line, your code. To end, make another new line with 3 tilde on it

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It’s all good now. LED Combo is working and folders cleaned up. It’s really a great project. Thanks for your help.

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One last question. I see that in led_combo.yaml that voc_blue has a value of 50 and is also at the end of the list. Just want to confirm this intended and was not a typo (500?) since the other indicators start with green.

That is intentional. For all of the other numbers, they only go positive, once you get below 400 ppm for CO2 or 0 for PM2.5, you can’t get any better.

For VOC it is an index value, where 100 is the baseline of “good”. Any higher indicates a decrease in quality, but less than 100 indicates an improvement in air quality. It can go all the way down to 0 in rare circumstances.
So when you first start it up, or quality is stable at a good level, it will be green like the other values. But if it goes below 100, quality is significantly improving, so I have it trending toward blue, until it hits 50, when it will be full blue.

Ok, that makes sense. I’m setting up some dial gauges in HA and want the colors and values to match. Thanks,