Need Some Help choosing the right ESP Home software to install

What package am I supposed to install?

And what exactly is the difference?

For now I would go with the MallocArray.

The AirGradient team is working on forking it so there is an official repository, but right now it doesn’t look like they have all of the files brought over and there were changes today that didn’t make it to the AirGradient version yet.

MallocArray is the most current at this point.

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Please use the MallocArray repo. The AirGradient one is a fork with some changes for a factory image that we plan to provide.

How realistic would it be to integrate the ability to calculate AQI on device? Does that reduce the lifespan of the ESP32? I’ve been trying to build a 24h AQI based on the PM2.5 but it seems like it would just be more logical to send the data to Home Assistant and do it there.

I’ve been tinkering with it as I’m learning to work with ESPHome, among other things.

I also wonder about the accuracy of the sensors as I don’t have a realistic way to check, or adjust, the calibrations.

I’m calculating it in real-time but not doing a 24 hour lookback. I agree that having HomeAssistant would be the easier option, and I’m still fighting my ESPHome devices rebooting regularly, which doesn’t really impact my readings much, but I wouldn’t get 24 hours in memory.

You might check out this config from another user who is doing a 24 hour AQI that might be what you are looking for. I personally don’t understand what it is doing, but I haven’t put much effort into it. AQI isn’t important to me if I can see the graph of the PM2.5 data

ESPHome-AirGradient/air-gradient-open-air.yaml at main · ajfriesen/ESPHome-AirGradient · GitHub

I think I’m going to go the Home Assistant route. The reboots would be mildly annoying.

How are you verifying the accuracy of your sensors?

I’ve added a BME280 to my open air. Is there a way to use your integration and have it look at a separate file for the 280?

You can make your own sensors and either add them directly to the main file, or you can create a package file and then reference it similar to the others.

Check the Readme and also look in the packages folder where I have a config for the bme680 that will give you a foundation.

Reach out if you need more assistance

Regarding calibration and accuracy, I would recommend you check out our research page as well as the sensor descriptions on our product pages, e.g. the indoor one.