My wired/Ethernet and stm32 setup

Most of my personal/home control and sensor related devices are
on an wired-only internal network not connected to the internet.

In case anyone else is interesting in having a wired Ethernet
variant, here’s what I’m running.

I have a pro kit (3.7, presoldered) with the following modifications:

  • Replaced the Wemos D1 Mini v4 with an stm32f411 “black pill” board
  • Added a ENC28J60 Ethernet board
  • Custom firmware

It’s more of a prototype, so it’s not pretty, but it’s clear
that the ENC28J60 board from waveshare can reasonably fit
in between the mini shield pin headers.
Same for the stm32 board.

I’ve found that the Monoprice Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable - Micro SlimRun Series
cables from Amazon work well and don’t require any modifications
to the enclosure.

Since I’m using a different board, I’m not sure about
the available pin configurations on the Wemos D1 Mini
to facilitate the SPI connection it needs, but figured
I’d share anyways.

My code/etc is on github FWIW: GitHub - jonlamb-gh/air-gradient-pro-rs: Rust firmware and tools for the AirGradient PRO

(also made a Rust crate for the gas algorithm: GitHub - jonlamb-gh/gas-index-algorithm: An unofficial Rust port of Sensirion's gas-index-algorithm)

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Impressive, thanks for sharing! How has this been working out for you? Does this configuration also eliminate the wifi radio?

It’s been working fairly well. Given that it’s hacked-together prototype, I’m surprised I haven’t had any issues yet. Yes, it eliminates the Wemos D1 completely.

Interesting! Very nice work too. I wonder if there would be a way to add one of those poe extractor to add poe to it… At that point it might be necessary to desolder the ethernet jack from the ethernet module you’re using but hopefully there’s no need to go in kicad and do adjustments to the PCB (although that would be neat).

i’m new to this community and wanted to say hi thanks for this. i’ve just purchased both the indoor and outdoor kits (O-1PST and I-9PSL) but i have a wired network only so i’m looking at options for integrating an ethernet port / wired connectivity with the airgradient.

my experience with this kit is very limited, so i’m going to spend a fair amount of time trying to build my knowledge.

can someone point me in the right direction to purchase the hardware module(s) required for ethernet? is it a ‘can buy on amazon’ or are there specific suppliers i’ll need to look at? (i’m in europe so EU distribution would be preferred).

another question I have: is the wifi module integrated on the main board, or is it a separate unit that I can remove?

The wireless is part of the ESP chip itself, not something you can remove. You can choose to not enable the functionality of it, although I can’t give any advice to what that would look like.