Mqtt on air gradient ONE

I’ve just set up my ONE. It has an option to enable mqtt, but the device doesn’t appear to be sending any data. In another topic, you said that mqtt isn’t working yet. Is that correct?

I’m trying to send data to a broker on my local network: mqtt://

This page seems to suggest that mqtt works on the ONE: MQTT Configuration AirGradient ONE

Is that correct? I have an mqtt broker on the same LAN as the ONE and am trying to send data to this URL: mqtt://, which resolves to a local IP address.

Is that URL in the correct format?

@marksidell sorry for the late reply. MQTT is currently only supported on the previous version of the AirGradient ONE but not yet on version 9. We are working on it. Maybe in the meantime you could use our API?

Is it local API or cloud API?

I just received my two AirGradient ONE and I thought that because of this article, MQTT is supported. But after debugging for a pretty long time I found this thread here. I would have waited with my purchase if i knew that…
Please add at least a note to the support page that this is currently not supported for some devices and is there any update on this?

Edit: I created this container that “simulates” the MQTT messages. It’s dirty, it is built very simple. Don’t expect too much! GitHub - oxivanisher/PyAirGradient2MQTT: Fetch AirGradient data from the dashboard API and send it to your MQTT broker

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Yes good point. I will make it clear in the this support article.

Having said this, we are working on bringing back support for MQTT and it is one of the next things we are implementing in the fw.


Another +1 from this soon to be Airgradient One Gen 9 user. I would like to use MQTT to get the data into Home Assistant instead of using the ESPHome route. Do you have a rough ETA available on this feature request?


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Yes, we are already testing the version with MQTT. Are you interested to test the beta version?

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I would be extremely interested in the beta/MQTT version

Thanks for your reply. Yes please, I would like that. Please note that my AirGradient is still in shipment so I can’t provide feedback right away. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Frk @nitrogen Beta fw with MQTT support is available here.