Matter standard protocol support

Hi, is there support for adding Matter standard support to the official firmware for AirGradient?

It would make it very simple to integrate it with other systems (HomeKit, HomeAssistant, Google Home, …).

Thank you

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Our current MCUs do not support matter.

Is there a plan to support it?

I think it could be also huge win for AirGradient. If it is ready out of the box to be paired with HomeKit, Google Home and other systems, it can sell to general audience, not just a technical users.

Yes it is something that we look into once the matter compatible MCUs become more widely available.


It looks like Espressif’s SDK for Matter just added support for air quality sensors a month ago:
Add Air Quality Sensor Device type and Concentration Measurement Clus… · espressif/esp-matter@d6c7357 · GitHub (although, it’s only available on the master branch, it hasn’t officially been released).

And it looks like the SDK is compatible with the ESP32-C3 on the new Air Gradient One v9.0! Although, it will only support Matter over Wi-Fi, not Matter over Thread.

Although I’ve got no idea how hard it would be to actually implement. The Matter SDK does take up quite a bit of space (~1-2 MiB), which doesn’t leave much space for application code on an ESP32-C3.

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Looking forward for Matter (and Thread possibly) support too!