Issues with Reconnecting to Network


I’ve been using three AG Monitors (I-9PSL, O-1PST and O-1PPT), which’ve worked great overall. However, I am now in the Philippines, and there are internet/power cuts every day. I’ve found that I can’t even get my three monitors to stay connected to the dashboard for 24 hours, and it’s very frustrating.

For example, there was a blackout last night for around 10 minutes, after which the monitors came back on. However, the router took a few more minutes to reboot, meaning that my monitors had no network to connect to for a few minutes. During this time of no internet, they rebooted, but I guess they were in offline mode. They will not reconnect until I manually restart them (unplug and plug in) when the WiFi is back online. The issue seems to be the same if the internet drops for more than a few minutes, and the monitors won’t reconnect until I manually restart them.

Could there be a way (or at least an option on the dashboard) to check WiFi again every set interval (five minutes, ten minutes, etc) so the monitors can reconnect without my input? I understand the readings during this period will be lost; I just want the monitors to automatically reconnect as I can’t even keep them reporting to the dashboard for more than a full day here, and I’m sure other people with similar situations will encounter the same issue.

I’m not sure how PurpleAir does it, but the couple of monitors I have from them consistently reconnect and don’t require any input from me.

I’ve checked the dashboard, but I can’t see an option. If I’m missing something super obvious, please let me know!

All monitors were manually updated to 3.1.1, and I don’t know if they can automatically update OTA to 3.1.3 (which mentions ’ Removed server and WiFi errors in offline mode’) as I can’t find a way to check the version they’re running.

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@Ethan_AirGradient We can reproduce this issue. Github ticket has been created. I believe this will be fixed in the next version.

Thank you, much appreciated! This has been causing a few headaches in my comparisons, so I look forward to having it updated.

This issue is actually a bit more than above.

My three units were doing this, booting up before the wifi was up after a power failure and never connecting.

Updating to 3.1.3 appears to have fixed it, but now all three (one outdoor, two indoor) units now regularly drop their wifi connection even without a power failure, and never reconnect.

I believe I could have experienced the same, but I just attributed it to poor internet which regularly drops. However, I believe I may have experienced the same, as they very regularly drop connection now.

Seeing the same issue with my I-9PSL unit on 3.1.3. Looking forward to getting this fixed! :slightly_smiling_face:

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We are rolling out firmware 3.1.4 in the coming days and that should fix it.


The new firmware is out, so everyone experiencing this issue can now update.

I have updated my three monitors and will check over the coming days if everything is working now!

So far, this seems to have solved my issue. As you can see, there are a few periods where my monitors disconnected due to a lack of internet/electricity, but they come back online by themselves once everything is back.