Issues getting DIY module to connect to ESPHome/HA on HA Virtual Machine

I got one of the DIY kits from airgradient and put it together over the holidays, I’m able to flash the basic firmware to get the readouts from the sensors on the little LCD screen, so I don’t believe that there are any problems with the board itself.

I’m using ESPHome and am attempting to flash the software as per the MallocArray github.

Basically I use esphome io to get the firmware installed so my device is visible on my network and I can connect it to HA/ESPHome. Once that’s done I flash OTA the airgradient bin firmware so I can get all the monitors, at this point the device drops from HA and ESPhome, but I’m able to read the sensor readings via the logs on

I’ve also tried using the .yaml files per this github:

But ran into errors because of a missing monofont.ttf file in my HA config folder, which I can’t even seem to locate after doing some searching through my vdisk and the HA settings and menus (there is just a qcow2 file)

I don’t know a lot about HA or VMs honestly, most of it has been plug and play thus far. I don’t mind learning at all but I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction as to how I would begin to solve this problem


On the line in the config file that mentions adding the Mac suffix, try changing it from true to false and the install it again and see what happens.

I need to add a note to the readme about that. It has to do with the full device name not being known by ESPHome since it doesn’t know the Mac.

I updated the readme and may reconsider setting the mac suffix to true and do a few other workarounds intead.