Issue connecting to WiFi

I received my AirGradient One Version 9 kit last week and flashed version 3.0.6 across to it via my Windows 10 laptop (getting the BOOT error during flashing, but using the instructions on the webpage). I then connected it to my WiFi, while still connected to the laptop, and it started sending readings to the dashboard.

However, when I disconnected it from the laptop and plugged it in to a normal power socket, it refused to connect to WiFi, and I haven’t been able to fix this. I have now flashed version 3.0.8, but this hasn’t helped. (It wouldn’t flash if I selected ‘Erase the Device’, if that’s relevant/helpful.) I’ve tried connecting when it’s plugged into the wall, and also when plugged into my laptop, in different locations in my house, to no avail.

I’m sure it’s something simple, but this kind of slightly technical electronic/IoT/WiFi problem is way outside my areas of expertise, so I’d really appreciate it if someone could hold my hand through this!

No worries we will help getting it connected. Can you say what is written on the display? Anything about WiFi NA?

It says WiFi N/A, yes. The rest of the display is much as I would expect, i.e. temp, humidity, CO2, etc.

When I try connecting to WiFi when connected to my laptop and I look at the logs, it’s timing out after just over 60 seconds each time, presumably because that’s a standard setting. I can get you more details tomorrow if you let me know what would be helpful.

Please contact me with our support form on our website. We can then arrange a trouble shooting call.

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