Is SHT40 or SGP41 necessary for DIY Pro?

I would like to build DIY Pro, but I don’t need temp and humidity sensor. So is SHT or SGP sensor is necessary?
Do I need change something in code if I don’t install it?

SHT is what would give you the temp and humidity. It would be best to remove references to it in the code, but if you were ok with some empty/invalid readouts on the display, you may be able to use the standard code

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So only some issues with values on display? It can’t interference with other sensors reading without code modification?

I haven’t tried pulling out sensors when using the official AirGradient code, but I have done it with ESPHome and it just shows “NaN” meaning Not a Number when it isn’t getting a reading.

There may be some things in my ESPHome config, where I use the temp/humidify readings to compensate the TVOC sensors for more accuracy that wouldn’t work properly, but I believe it would still work

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