Intermittent reporting gaps to airgradient dashboard

Hi, I’m getting an issue where my airgradient one isn’t consistently recording its data to the dashboard. It has been consistently connected to my wifi, but I keep getting alerts saying that it’s offline. I did happen across stats from my router that indicate a large amount of HTTP 400 errors from the API call from the airgradient. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the reporting gaps.

Any suggestions as to how to investigate further would be greatly appreciated.

Since I’m only allowed to attach one image, I posted everything to imgur

For what it is worth I have also noticed this with my outdoor monitor a few times:

Are you using the default Arduino code, or ESPHome? Your device name looks to be a custom one, so wasn’t sure what you might have changed from stock config.

The Arduino code looks to try to send to the API every 10 seconds, and in my previous experience, if it was more than every 2 minutes it would throw an error about too many requests, but that was a different error than 400

I have 2 Unifi wireless access points and I seem to have issues with ESPHome devices rebooting frequently as they hop between them. Not sure if the Arduino code is also impacted, but that could cause some gaps in reporting.

A day ago Achim said that error 400 is usually that you didn’t have your device registered on the Dashboard site, but since you are getting data reported, you must have a proper config.

I’m using the default config from the factory and I also reflashed it again from this page The AirGradient ONE Air Quality Sensor (Presoldered-Version, PCB Version 9)

I’m also using a single Ruckus AP so there shouldn’t be any roaming issues

We are also having a rate limit on POSTS on our server and currently these are also returning 400s which could lead to server n/a message.

We are currently improving the firmware in this regards and hopefully have something improved soon.

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I’m posting all of my attempts in hopes that this helps someone looking for a solution to wifi disconnects.

The airgradient unit has been rather close to the AP, with ~-35-45dB signal, so weak connection wasn’t a problem.

Last night I started playing around with my AP settings. This is using Ruckus Unleashed on an R600. I changed the inactivity timeout from 1 to 300 minutes in the Wifi networks settings. I also limited the 2.4G network to 20mhz rather than auto (though auto might’ve defaulted to 20… dunno). That still resulted in some disconnects overnight, though not as frequent as during the day.

The last thing I did this morning was change the DTIM interval from 1 to 3, and the Directed MC/BC Threshold from 1 to 0.

So far the connection all day has been stable for the past 10 hours, when in the past it would struggle to maintain anything over 3 hours. I’m hopeful some of the things I did has finally fixed the issue