Indoor vs Outdoor unit for dusty workshop

Hi all -

I am going to get an Air Gradient monitor soon for use in my woodworking shop. Being a wood shop, it is extremely dusty, but dry.

Is there any difference between the indoor and outdoor models that would make a difference in this environment? Would the outdoor unit handle it better, or no?

It is no more resilient against extreme dust.

The outdoor model has it enclosed in a hood to keep water coming from above from getting in, but still open on the bottom for airflow.

I would think the sensors would get full of dust pretty quick and affect their accuracy in that environment, but AirGradient has these running outdoors and in wildfire areas so they may hold up better than I think

Thanks @MallocArray - I’ll opt for the indoor model I guess (pretty blinking lights and such). The area that it will be mounted in isn’t as horrible as the rest of the shop, and I suppose the occasional clean out is to be expected.

One thing to be aware of is that these particle sensors are not working well for dust with large particles of 10 ug and larger. I am not sure what sizes are predominantly in a wood shop but might be worth checking.