Humidity vs Dew Point

Would it be possible to display the dew point somewhere? Perhaps a toggle to switch between relative humidity and calculated dew point? Or replace the reduction percentage?

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Interesting idea. Can you give a bit of background information why you would like to have that feature?

I find dew point to be a little better of an indicator of what the air outside is going to feel like than the temperature/relative humidity combination. For example I know a dew point of about 73F is going to feel oppressive regardless of the air temperature.


Thank you for the idea with dew point.
You might find it useful monitor the heat index on our dashboard as well. Heat index is a measurement of how hot the air feels and how uncomfortable people are likely to be based on it.

Is that the ‘heat’ value in the display options? That’s very helpful if so. Dew point would still be a nice to have but if we already have the heat index as an option I’m satisfied with that.

Yes. That’s the Heat value that you can see on the dashboard.