How to save selected config from the DIY kit menu?

Got a new AirGradient DIY Pro pre-soldered kit, it comes with firmware pre-flashed.

The screen says to press the button to enter menu. You need to press and hold, not just press, but whatever.

Once you enter that menu, you can press the button again to cycle through the settings. But then what? How do I save the selected config and exit the menu?

Long-pressing the button does nothing. Double-pressing does nothing. Simply powering the device off and then on does nothing. The config does not change to the desired selection. I just want to see PM2.5 in ug.

Long pressing the button should save the config. Maybe you did not press long enough? You need to press at least 5 seconds until you see the message “Saved, release button now”.

Ah yes, you’re right, that explains it, thanks.

I had to long-press the button for about 500ms to access the config menu, so I thought that saving would require a similar long-press, but turns out it needed about 2 seconds. Works now.