How to interpret the leds across the top of the DIY monitors

What does each of the Leds at the top of the DIY monitor mean . On the right are a number of leds that indicate the air quality. On the left is one led that occasionally lights up and it appears to be purple or mauve. What does this one indicate?

These are explained on the dashboard:

Then click on “Monitor Error Help”

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I might mention, that in my own strange internal worldview,… 2 of anything means MORE.
When I see 2 GREEN lights on the top of my unit,
I feel that I am MUCH BETTER OFF than 1 GREEN light.

However, this is not the logic my AirGradient follows.
in fact 2 GREEN lights is WORSE than 1 green light.

I understand the logic,… but I can’t get beyond my knee-jerk reaction to seeing 2 GREEN lights and thinking,… ahhhh that’s much better!

There are a lot of color blind people out there and this is why we choose to increase the number of LEDs based on increasing pollution levels.

I understand your thoughts too. Maybe we should slightly change the color for each additional LED going on?

For me, the right to left layout of the LEDs is not intuitive. Maybe it is a cultural thing, but I’m using to reading and interpreting meters either Left to Right, or Down to Up, so the Right to Left makes it not intuitive at a glace.