How to change the information displayed on the DIY Mini Display

Hi everyone,

I wonder if someone can support me in changing the code of the mini Display. Currently it shows one Outdoor sensor and one indoor sensor.
as I currently have no outdoor Sensor, I want to use the space to show more information from my indoor sensor.

Idea is:

Any one who can support?

Thanks s lot in advance :slight_smile:

Exactly what software are you running on your device?

the standard software.
like in the other thread, I’m referring to this display:

I don’t have that particular display. You could just comment out the “outdoor” parts of the sketch.

sure, but that’s a waste of space :slight_smile:
I want to utilize the display and the sensor. currently it shows only PM2.5 and CO2, but the sensor measures much more…

It is possible to add the other elements you want to display. The nice thing about Arduino programming, it’s fairly simple to make changes, see how they affect the sketch and carry on…

As I’m a noob in programming, this “fairly easy” translates to “impossible” for Mey that’s why I’m looking for support here :slight_smile:

I’m sure it is possible, that’s why I ask :slight_smile:

If it means anything, a year ago I couldn’t spell C++…

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