How do I change the wifi access point for my O-1PST outdoor sensor

I set up my outdoor sensor using my home wi-fi. Now I need to deploy it at a remote site where the wifi AP is different. How do I change the AP SSID/credentials? They seem to be saved.

If you flash the firmware again, you can select the Erase option in the popup and then you’ll need to setup wifi again so you can use the other SSID
The AirGradient Open Air Outdoor Air Quality Monitor (O-1PST Kit, PCB Version 1.3)

If the monitor does not find the old wifi network, it will automatically open the hotspot again.

I have to set this up at a remote site - does this mean I have to do the flashing in the field?

Or I just turn it on and connect to it with my phone and it will bring up the dialog which will allow me to reconfig it? the latter is what it sounds like

Yes exactly. This is how it will behave.

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