Getting WiFi set up

Hi there,

Just got my AirGradient pre-soldered kit. It’s assembled and seems to run happily with data displaying on the OLED.

My issue is I can’t get it connected to my WiFi. When I connect to the AG_XXXXX wifi network, I get the usual android warnings about it being a wifi network with no internet connectivity, but I can figure out how to get to the wifi setup. In Achim’s video, it shows the screen automatically showing up - but that doesn’t happen for me. I’ve tried across a couple of different phones. I tried loading up a random website in the hopes I would get a redirect, but that was a bust too.

Feels really dumb asking such a basic question - but thanks for the help.

Connecting to the device’s WiFi with my (Windows) computer launched the appropriate configuration tab - so I’ve got it sorted. Leaving this here in case anyone runs into similar issues.


Another option is to connect directly to


Same problem here, same solution works. The instructions need updating!! Wifi connect from PC not an option, my PC does not have any wifi.

@vlotty gave the best answer. Open your Web browser when connected to the AG access point the go to
On android wifi parameters you can also tap the router option to open the given address above.

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I had it connected, had to reboot my router and now it’s reconnected, but says it does not like the new ip but blue light on the unit indicates its connected smoothly to my wifi, but the system/dashboard does not show it as connected. ak! Not a tech wizard here…

Please contact our support via the support form. We can then make a short triuble shooting call.

HI, I was able to figure it out. Thank you.