Getting PM10 and PM1

The PMS5003 sensor seems to have the capability to get PM10 and PM1 readings. Has anyone been able to modify the code into display them in addition to PM2? I’m mostly interested in PM10 for allergen.

I switched to using ESPHome with my AirGradient DIY and I can get the PM10 and PM1 readings, but they are nearly the same or at least follow the same curve.
MallocArray/airgradient_esphome: ESPHome definition for an AirGradient DIY device to send data to HomeAssistant and AirGradient servers (

I think the AirGradient site is only logging the 2.5 value, so even if you added support to the Arduino sketch to display it, I’m not sure that they would graph it out, but I could be mistaken.

Thank you, at the moment I’m just interested in adding PM10 to the display. Down the road, i’l, call my own service to record and display historical data.

I got it working, see GitHub - dtrumpfheller/airgradient

Thank you @dominic . I was able to flash it this morning with your code and it seems to work . I tested it by putting hand sanitizer on my hands next to it and got different results for PM1, PM2 and PM10 as expected.

Thank you @dominic . Great to have such an active community here!