Flashing D1 mini

I can not get my D1 to be recognized as plugged into computer. I had everything running but could not see data on dashboard. I decided to plug it into computer as I was trying to see if it was a wifi issue. The board is now unresponsive. It is not recognized in the USB device as being plugged in, and the screen is blank if I plug into power. The blue light on the D1 does illuminate.

To help you better, please answer below:

Are you using the Arduino IDE or flash through the browser?

What computer are you using (operating system)?

Can you send some photos of your built pcb with the components? (sometimes a wrong built can create a short that disables the D1 from being recognized).

Is the USB cable that you use data capable?

I agree with @Achim_AirGradient
Try another USB cable, preferably one you know came with a cell phone. I’ve tried short little cables that came with cheap charging bricks, and those only connect the power cables and didn’t connect any of the data cables, so it is only useful for power.

Using a brand name USB cable or one that came with a cell phone has both power and data.