ESPHome config failing to compile

Just got my AirGradient One and am trying to integrate it with my Home Assistant ESPHome. When trying to install my configuration the linking step fails with the following error:

Linking .pioenvs/ag-one/firmware.elf
riscv32-esp-elf-g++: error: nosys.specs: No such file or directory
*** [.pioenvs/ag-one/firmware.elf] Error 1
========================= [FAILED] Took 197.57 seconds =========================

This is running on a Raspberry Pi 4 using the configuration from GitHub - MallocArray/airgradient_esphome: ESPHome definition for an AirGradient DIY device to send data to HomeAssistant and AirGradient servers

I’m thinking that must be an issue specific to your ESPHome install, and not the configuration file itself. It is compiling and linking correctly for me.

Are you using ESPHome in its own docker config, or as an add-on to HomeAssistant?

riscv32 seems suspicious to me, as I thought it would have been something more like armv7

You can also try using the pre-compiled .bin files to get you up and running while you figure out the compiling issue

Really appreciate the response, it made me switch to the ESPHome dev version add-on which worked!

The AirGradient units (current ones) have ESP32-C3 SoCs, which have RISC-V CPU cores. Earlier units had SoCs with Tensilica LX cores… there aren’t any ESP SoCs with ARM cores though :slight_smile:

Oops, I was thinking of the Raspberry Pi it was being compiled on, not the destination device it was going to be installed to.

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