ESP Home Integration

A big thank you to TJ Horner who created an AirGradient DIY sensor integration for ESP home. This way you can flash the ESP home firmware on the Wemos D1 mini and the configuration file will enable the sensor to send data directly to e.g. Home Assistant.

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ESPHome was a new adventure for me, and unfortunately I didn’t find this until I had my own working.

I used the same Font and layout to keep a similar look and feel, but sending all data to my Home Assistant. I haven’t figured out if it can also send the data to AirGradient as I haven’t found the correct modules to do a POST from ESPHome on the D1 Mini, but if that is possible, I wouldn’t mind having the data in both places.

Note: with current versions of ESPHome, it appears that OTA updates while receiving data on the UART bus (from the PM5003) causes the OTA flash to fail. Switching to the 1.18.0 version of ESPHome allows me to flash wirelessly. There is an open incident, so hopefully it is fixed soon.

I am working on adding the configuration to ESPHome to be able to make the same POST request to the AirGradient API endpoint so we can also have data logged to their dashboard along with Home Assistant.

Still need to do some playing with it to ensure I have it right, but look for more information soon!

I think alternatively, home assistant could probably do periodic POST requests with the data to our API instead of doing two requests from the sensor.

That may be worth exploring. Not sure if I would have access to the ChipID in Home Assistant by default, but could see if that can be included.

I have an initial release of my version of the ESPHome configuration that also reports to the AirGradient API so data can be tracked in both locations.

I haven’t actually tested the SHT3x stuff yet, as I don’t have mine hooked up just yet, but I hope to get it active in a few days and can verify it works as expected then.