Electrosentitivity : Wi-Fi deactivable/programmable to start and uploads data juste once every 2 hours?


I just returned an “Awair” because in the very first minutes of use I felt headaches. It happened to me before with Wi-Fi devices too close to me.

Could I program an Airgradient to like, shut down its wifi most of the time & upload its data just once a day or so ? Is running custom software on Airgradient hard ?

I am a software developer, so I could program it myself, just wondering if the APIs to the Wi-Fi & the code would be accessible

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It should be easily possible to switch the WiFi module on and off.

I think the problem is that our current endpoint does not have a batch functionality. So it only accepts one incoming data point and gives it the current time stamp.

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I believe implementing & maintaining a new batch endpoint would be way to complicated for a single dev

But many thanks for your answer.

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I would also love such batch functionality. While I don’t get headaches as Arthur I try my best to have a no signal night time for my family.