E-Ink version of indoor sensors?


I very much dislike the SSD1306 display. It’s not high-definition and it’s too bright at night. I even added a VEML light sensor to my AirGradients to automatically turn the display off when it’s dark.

So one way to fix the issue is to switch to E-Ink displays. They are far more durable than OLEDs, and they don’t emit their own light, making them perfect for dark environments. It’s also pretty cheap to use a larger screen, so that it can display all the information without paging.

Is there an interest in making a design with an E-Ink display?

That would be amazing, I wanted the aqara air quality monitor before seeing it needed a hub or something because of that feature

Not fully solving your issue, but since you were bringing up the brightness, I have a PR coming for for the ESPHome config to have a slider to adjust the contrast value so it can be dimmed greatly.