Docker Compose with REST server + database + dashboard

Hi everyone,

Does someone have Docker Compose / Image(s) to receive AirGradient sensors data and visualise them on a local server? I would appreciate any pointers on something similar as well. So far the best I’ve discovered is this (GitHub)

More details:
I would like to experiment with sending sensors data to a local dashboarding instance.

I’m thinking about something like:
A) REST server to receive sensors data from AirGradient → B) Persistent database to store values → C) Dashboard hosted on a something like Raspberry Pi or similar.

A) Can be on any programming language - it’s pretty trivial. All what is needed is to listen for JSONs from AirGradient device / parse it / persist into storage.
B) In theory, any SQL / time series database will work - Postgres, MySQL, Prometheus, etc…
C) Superset / Grafana / etc…

P.S. I believe what I want to do can be done by ESPHome, however I’m concerned with the reboot issue being discussed on a forum (looks like it reproduces only on ESPHome) and don’t really need anything more complex than what I’ve described above.

Thank you in advance!

I use HomeAssistant in docker on a raspberry pi for storing and visualizing data. My AirGradient devices have ESPHome on them to send to HA.

There is the current reboot issue, but right now the only real issue I have is my SGP30 which needs to be online for 12 hours after a firmware update to calibrate and 1 hour after a reboot to settle and when the devices are rebooting randomly, this is a challenge. But for CO2, PM2.5, temp, humidity, the reboot doesn’t really impact them since they recover quickly and get back to sending data to HA

Search You Tube for Jeff Geerling - “Your home’s air could be making you sick. Fight Back!” He offers a Raspberry PI local server app along with some modifications necessary in the file you upload to the Air Gradient module. The article is written for the original AG Sensor but is easily modified for the pro version. You also get and internet service provider app and pi-hole.

Search You Tube for Jeff Geerling - “Your home’s air could be making you sick. Fight Back!”

What I settled is:

Raspberry Pi: influxDB → Grafana
Airgradient Pro sending data into influxDB using this client - GitHub - tobiasschuerg/InfluxDB-Client-for-Arduino: Simple library for sending measurements to an InfluxDB with a single network request. Supports ESP8266 and ESP32.

Works well.

You might be interested in something called IOTstack. It will generate the docker-compose file for you, based off of your selection.