DIY Website information - hard to navigate

Some feedback

As I bought a few Airgradient Pros, and later parts for the newer PCB, I decided to gift some to family members this year. My brother an I, independently, struggle to navigate the website, because the DIY section does not have a logical topology. The overview page is a mix of software, PCB versions and Products.

Note the build page has a broken 3D STL file link:

This is the most useful page, but I don’t know how to get there without Google:

Thanks for the feedback.

Do you have a specific suggestion how you would structure the pages?

The top 3 items with large screenshots of the device looks good to me, but it is missing the AirGradient Pro (v3-4) from the list as well as the Open Air with CO2 monitoring, so I think adding those are a good start:
Built instructions (

The other smaller boxes lower in the page do feel cluttered especially when they don’t have screenshots to help show what they are for.