DIY Pro - screw question

Hi folks!

The Pro version instructions state the following screws are needed:

PMS Sensor: M2*4.5 (Torx M6)
PCB: M1.7x5 (Philips/Torx M6)
Enclosure: M1.7x10 (Philips/Torx M6)

I’ve searched all over aliexpress, messaging a handful of vendors, and am having trouble sourcing the proper screws.

As far as I can teell the M2x4.5 doesn’t exist. Will a normal M2x4 work?

When it comes to the M1.7s, do they need to be self tapping or will flat-ended bolts work?

Also the listing of “Torx M6” afterwards is confusing… for example the first one, “M2*4.5 (Torx M6)” is it an M2 or M6 diameter?

  • Yes some of the screws are hard to get (we custom made some of them)
  • 4.0 for the PMS will work
  • 1.7 self tapping would be better but flat ended will also work as long as they can go grip through the plastic bold.

Torx M6 is the screwdriver needed for the M2 diameter screw.