DIY Pro kit temperature reading high

I have a Pro kit and the temperature consistently reads about 4-5 °C higher than it should. For example, it is currently saying 28.3 °C and it is actually 23-24 °C. It has been like this ever since I assembled the kit about 2 months ago. The Sensiron website claims the SHT31 has an accuracy of 0.2 °C. Any ideas why mine is so far out?

Did you mount the kit on the wall? Does it have unobstructed airflow from the bottom vents? Ideally it needs to use the natural convection flow.

It is mounted on the wall. There is nothing else around it. I’ll try it on a table instead and see if it’s different.

Thanks a lot for the reply.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve tried it on a wall, lying down, upside down, in a different room and out of it’s case. It still reads high by about the same amount (4-5 °C).

To check if its a problem of the sensor module, can you open the enclosure and see if the temperature comes down or put a fan in front of it. Then we can see if the cause is from other active components inside or from a faulty sensor.

Hi there, it seems that I have a similar problem. I’ve just received my diy basic kit, assembled today and found the temp reading 3-4 celsius above all other devices in five different places. Is there any compensating method or heat sensor needs to be replaced?

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This is a common problem on the Basic kit because of the proximity to the PMS sensor. We developed a probe you can print out.
More details here:


could this be related to this:

The sensor apparently has a heater, which is beneficial in some conditions, but will read too high (and too low temperature) when on, in other conditions.

I turned it off, and I now have normal readings.

Hey I have the same issue. I am on the stock 3.1.1 airgradient firmware. How do I turn off the heater on the sensor? I think this needs to be an option in the dashboard, as the temperature is the most basic reading. I have other devices, non-air quality ones, in the house, that read temperature more accurately than an air quality sensor. This needs to be fixed.

I’m not aware of the heater being on in the stock firmware and there isn’t a widespread report of users experiencing higher than expected readings.

How many other devices do you have that don’t agree with the AirGradient on temp and what models are they?

Is your device sitting vertically on the stands or hanging on a wall with the screw mounts?

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I observed similar behavior on my AirGradient ONE (DIY kit) first thing after assembling it today.
I have 2 ecobee sensors which show about 1 F to 2 F lower than the AirGradient ONE.
Note, in my case I believe the AirGradient ONE may be showing about 1 to 2 F (not C) more than the ecobee sensors. Also the placement of the AirGradient ONE and ecobee sensors is different. I plan to try to place it around the sensors to get a better idea in coming days.

2 other devices, HomePod mini and the thermostat at home. They are within 6 feet of each other. The airgradient is on its feet free of obstructions 360 deg around. It’s definitely reading the temp higher. It’s something I’ve noticed since day 1. Thoughts?

Did you purchase the kit or fully assembled version?

If the kit, it could be that you accidentally swapped the VOC and temperature module.

If the temperature module is accidentally installed on top of the PCB it will heat up much more and show too high.


Ive got the DIY kit.

I double checked the sensor today, pretty sure it’s on the correct way here’s the picture. I went ahead and reseated it. Should i not push it down all the way to prevent it from touching the PCB?

Yes it looks good. How much higher does the airgradient read in comparison to your other monitors?

It fluctuates between 1-3 degrees higher than the rest.

Quick update. Since the reseat of the temp monitor my temperature is now 1 degree higher than the rest vs 2-3. I’ll lift the sensor a hair higher to see if it syncs up with the thermostat.