DIY outdoor display

Greetings to all
I am a student of electrical engineeering and I have givenmyself a goal to do small project with impact in the community.
I have basic electronics and programming knowledge.
the idea is as follows:

  • have open air outdoor kit on my home
  • connect it to Arduino that I would keep indoor.
  • connect arduino to outdoor display (such as 4x P10 LED IP65 320160mm 3216pixels RGB full color /single color Matrix).
  • display data from Arduino (sensor data) or other controller onto the display.
  • use outdoor display to raise awarenes in my neighbourhood about air pollution.

any suggestions where to start with?
i have given myself 6 months to do it, so I will start slow pace but eventually when done, I will offer this open source solution to the city authorities.

thanks and greetins

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Hi. Great idea for a project.

I did something similar a few years ago. You can read more here: