DIY Mini Display shows incorrect Outdoor AQI

Dear all,

I’m using a DIY sensor in a box outside and have the DIY Mini Display on my fridge to check the values.
Recently, I changed the Display to show the US AQI Standard instead of μg/m³ (easier for my wife :slight_smile: ).
unfortunately, the value is wrong compared to the dashboard (dashboard says 151, display says 87). Humidity and Temperature seem to be correct…

Any idea? I also cannot choose the outdoor sensor specifically like I can for the indoor sensor…

Any help appreciated!


What exact code do you use? Can you post it here or a link to it?

Sure, I followed this instruction:

I set the boolean in USaqi=true so show AQI.

now, after several hours, it almost fits, so not sure if it is an issue with the timing or delay…

Just checked it and I cannot see a problem.