DIY Mini Display directly on PCB

Hi everyone,

yesterday I finished my first DIY Air quality sensor with the air gradient PCB. First of all thanks a lot for providing these nice PCBs!

I also build the DIY Mini Display.

Now I’m wondering how I could use the Mini Display directly on the PCB instead of the small OLED Shield.
Can someone give me advice how to change the code to make it work? I want to have a sensor with big display, but I also want to take it along with a power bank as Batterie source. The mini Display only works with wifi, so it’s not convenient on the go.

As I have absolutely zero coding skill, I have to rely on this awesome community!

Thanks a lot in advance!


there is no requirement for Wifi to be enabled. It’s only required if you want your metrics to be stored somewhere for viewing trends.

The mini Display is not the mini OLED on the board. I’m talking about this:

This only works with WiFi, otherwise it cannot obtain the data, as it is only a D1 plus Display.
in addition, the small display on the sensor unit has to be set to wifi to work with this display in the link. no wifi, no data…

Well, that’s different.

I don’t think the pins would be available on the board with sensors, as they are used for the sensors… I could be wrong though.

@mazzel the color LCD display uses SPI for data connection that needs I think 6 pins for connection. There are not enough pins left with all the sensor modules so I think this will not work.

You can google i2c and SPI connection to learn more.

ok, got it! I searched a little bit if I can use the Display with the I2C protocol, but seems not possible.

what bigger display have you tested with this setup?

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m unaware of any full color TFT displays that use I2C