Display does not work/suddenly turns off when plugged in

I am using an indoor air quality reader pro unsoldered. When I plug the USB-C into the D1 Mini, it is blank, then, if I’m lucky, lights up for a few seconds and then turns off again. When I plug it into the port soldered onto the board, the OLED does not work at all. Note that in both configurations, when i press the small button on the side of the D1 Mini, the tiny blue light flashes on it (light doesn’t automatically start flashing between intervals when I plug it in). Where could the issue be?

Please send pictures from both sides of your assembled board.

It looks good. Did you actually flash the software on to the D1?
Without the software it will not display anything.

I did. Yesterday it worked for a few seconds then went blank again. Right now, it won’t show anything when I plug it in. Also, something about the light on the D1 is when I press the button it lights up, versus automatically flashing.

I would recommend you take all sensoes out of the slots (SHT, S8) and disconnect the PM cable and then check if the display comes on.
Also maybe check your power supply.

Unfortunatly, the display did not come on. My power supply is good, do you think it may have something to do with the soldering on the OLED display?
Here are some pictures:

Yes it looks like there is too much solder and could create a short. Try to remove solder, especially between the display and the main board.

I used a solder wick to remove some of that solder, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Please contact our support. We can send you a new board.