Direct local readout

Novice to the AirGradient setups, for the technical aspects approaching from experience with SensorCommunity, ESPEasy and Domoticz.
Dashboard and Cloud is nice, but they seem ‘remote & closed’.
Presently trying to find how data can be locally read from the Outdoor-unit at LAN-level.
See MQTT mentioned, but with remark that it’s software must be corrected for operation with latest versions of firmware => apparently not ready-to-go.
Looking for something simple like an url-call
http:///data.json or even shorter http://
responding with a json-file like mentioned under the MQTT-description.
Is such function (or an equivalent) available for the AirGradient Outdoor?

See this recent post with an update from the CEO

You can also check out the Integrations page for an ESPHome config that you can easily use with HomeAssistant. Not quite exactly what you are waiting for, but mqtt can also be added to ESPHome

Fitting extra software to get a MQTT-simulation is not really my idea.
More looking for an url-call like this, but then directly calling the local device, not the remote server of AirGradient. Should not be difficult, because MQTT is using same format.
simple, direct call from user to device keeps all action on the LAN, and avoids ‘external’ dependency on services on internet and on ‘server-elsewhere’.

Just want to add, you can run ESPHome and enable its MQTT component w/o the API (Home Assistant) comopnent. You can check it here: MQTT Client Component — ESPHome

Yes direct calls could be an interesting addition to our stock firmware. I will discuss this with our developers.

I just wanted to chime in and say that this is exactly what I am looking for also. A simple HTTP GET with JSON data from the sensors. No external dependencies. This will work on just about any platform.

I’d like to purchase one or more of the AG unit(s), so please let us know if this functionality gets onto the release roadmap. Thanks!!

Yes this will definitely get into the official release.

By the way, in case you missed it, it’s already in our beta version.


This sounds great, thanks!