Debugging local MQTT connectivity

I’m trying to use the mqtt connection setting on the api page to send data from my diy pro model to my local MQTT broker (on an IoT stack). I’ve verified that the MQTT broker works with other systems, but can’t get the airgradient to push to it.

Is it actually sending MQTT from the server backend, not the local device on my network?


This functionality is currently not supported for the DIY firmware but you could probaby pull the data via our API.

is LOCAL API available on AirGradient ONE?
I checked API documentation, but it’s not clear whether this is cloud-only API or we can also query local device?

Currently you cannot query the local device. The device will only push out data as POST requests.
Since firmware is open source you can probably change that and implement a local server.

It would be great if local API endpoints were exposed for querying the device periodically.
Flashing the firmware is always a risk. It would allow to pull information into Home Assistant easilly via endpoint polling.

Somebody has done it already: AirGradient Integrations - #3 by Themis3000