Data to different locations

Before I go ahead and build one of these, just wanted to check if I can send information to multiple locations.
I would like to send the data from an outside one to both my home assistant server, and Plus possibly other locations in the future.
Is it possible to do this?

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Yes, you can easily adjust the code and send the data to multiple endpoints.

Excellent, thanks very much for reply

As long as you are willing to modify code to do it you can. Iā€™m using ESPHome on the D1 mini and have it configured to send data to my HomeAssistant, and I also have it setup to send to the AirGradient API. You would have to see if there is ESPHome code for sending to or if you are comfortable with writing Arduino code, you can use the AirGradient provided code and add to that

I will have a look around, and see if I can find some code that works.

FWIW, the API of is described at

It would be great supporting this data sink where built-in the Airgradient firmware.