Dashboard changes, where did the degrees science go?

In the past few weeks (month?) there appears to have been a dashboard change. I can no longer find the option to specify what units to have displayed in the dashboard. I originally had the dashboard report temperature in Celsius so we could train our senses to better understand science units. After the update we only see temperature in Fahrenheit. While my county customarily uses units freedom, I’d like to have the dashboard report in units science.

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Hi @derek , thank you for your feedback.
We are currently working on improving temperature units functionality and unfortunately it is temporarily unavailable. In the next couple releases Fahrenheit/Celsius switch will be back.

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Haha, I have the opposite problem, I want freedom units, but it’s showing Celsius in the dashboard :slight_smile:


I agree that this is a really poor user experience for those who do use non-Celsius measurements. To have it be changed on us without a way for us to set it back to how it was is a major regression, and negatively impacts the user experience of the web app

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Choice is a best option.
I’m glad Celsius is back. Insert why not both meme.
Airgraident team, thank you for trying to make your great product the best, and for trying to wrangle all us fickle folk.

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Thank you for staying with us!
Even more great updates are coming:)

@Nastya_AirGradient what’s the current status? I only see Celsius on the dashboard, no control to switch.
I had changed the firmware for my OLED display to show Fahrenheit over a year ago, and it still shows that (though I suspect that has nothing to do with the dashboard setting).

Hi @makingmark!
Thank you for asking!
You can change the Temperature Unit under “Place Administration” on the “General Place Settings” tab.

Does this solve your problem?

Further to this, please make sure you are on the latest firmware (3.1.4).

Yes it does! Thank you!
Incidentally - I’m not even sure what firmware I’m on, I know I last updated it probably a year ago, but it works for me nonetheless. (I do want to update things but just haven’t gotten to it.)

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@makingmark Happy to hear it!
If you would like to update your firmware, please visit: AirGradient ONE (I-9PSL) and Open Air (O-1PST) Firmware Versions