Constant Rebooting - 6 month old AirGradient ONE Indoor Monitor (Pre-Soldered) Kit Version 9

Out of nowhere my charts all started looking like this. Watching the device it looks like it’s freezing and rebooting every few minutes. Was able to sneak in a firmware update, but still no change. Where do I go from here?

Please send a support request from our website form with sensor ID and Place ID.
We will then have a look at your data.

Using the official Arduino firmware? Are you on the latest 3.1.1?

by mallocarray
Firmware: 2024.5.5 (Jun 20 2024, 17:06:20)
Hardware: 2.0.1

Has run flawlessly for 6 months, then out of nowhere it went jank. No changes to WiFi or HomeAssistant. Just one morning it went bad. After a day I tried unplugging for a while and pushed through the latest update ESPHome had available, but it didn’t change the behaviour.

Since the Support Page directed me here “If you have any technical issue about our monitors, please use the AirGradient Forum to find answers and also ask your questions there.” I’ll now take the direction from Achim to go back to the support page and log a ticket :slight_smile:

I would suggest you flash 3.1.3 from our website to see if it’s an ESPHome related issue or a hardware problem.

Thanks. Up and running on new firmware for 10 minutes and this page AirGradient already has a reboot count of 7. Will give it a few hours and see how things look.

[a few minutes later]

“Current Boot Count” got up to 10 and then I saw the device reboot and the counter went back to 0, where upon it started steadily increasing again.

[edit again]

Is “Current Boot Count” actually “uptime minutes”?

Looked at your bootcount is now >1300


So it looks like its running stable now. Can you confirm this?

Yes, I think so. Bizarre that it started misbehaving out of nowhere though. It’s behaved for 24h, so let’s call it good. Thanks!

Sounds like it was specific to the ESPHome config. I have observed regular reboots, but not near the amount you were showing. There is an open Issue in the repo for the ESPHome config where we are tracking it, but no permanent solution for all devices.

There was a workaround for including some special .h files to turn off the software watchdog, and as of 2024.6.0 the http_requests module added the ability to adjust the watchdog timeout without extra files. I added that to my ONE monitor yesterday and it has been up for 30 hours with no reboots, so it will be included in the main config files soon if you want to go back to trying the ESPHome firmware.

But with the new HomeAssistant integration that works with the official AirGradient firmware, you could just continue with that. Not all configurations are possible just yet with it, but more is coming. (Although I’m partial to the LED configs in the ESPHome firmware options)

Thanks for the update detail. Now that it’s proven stable with the 3.1.3 firmware, I’ll explore the ESPHome options again. I’m flummoxed by the nature of the appearance of the fault as I couldn’t see any changes to HA or ESPHome and the symptoms stayed the same after flashing an update to ESPHome.

I definitely want some fine grained control of the LEDs given how prominently visible they are.

Thanks again.