Connecting to AG Dashboard from ESPhome

getting an error when i check the flag of the AG Open Air O-1PST to upload to AG dashboard. I have redacted the MAC. Is this the serial number of the unit?

[15:38:58][E][http_request.arduino:112]: HTTP Request failed; URL: MAC ADDRESS)/measures; Code: 400
[15:38:58][E][component:164]: Component http_request set Error flag: unspecified

Im guessing my serial for AG dashboard API is the mac address of the C3?

Yes, it should be the serial.
If it is the ONE or the Outdoor models it should be the full Mac address, all lower case and no delimiters.

If one of the earlier Pro or DIY models, then it is only the last 6 characters

You also have to register on the Dashboard site with the same serial number you are seeing, or it won’t accept the data and get the error 400 you are seeing

Did you create an account on the airgradient dashboard and registered your monitor there?

That i did and i think Malloc is probably on to something i used uppercase for the MAC. Ill try with that change

That worked thanks Malloc! Was the lower case needed for the dashboard