Confirming PM2.5 wiring

It’s hard to tell from the DIY assembly description which wires to use on the PM2.5 sensor. Can someone confirm:
With the flat side of the white connector facing down,

  1. The very top wire (black) is Vcc
  2. The next (red) wire is Gnd
  3. A black wire is skipped (cut off)
  4. Then the next (red) wire is Rx
  5. The final used (black) wire is Tx.

In summary: Use 2 wires, skip 1, use 2, skip 3.

I am not sure if you saw the image on the AirGradient DIY instructions:


What I am doing is start with the side of the cable that has the black cable and then do as you describe. Keep 1 and 2, cut 3, keep 4, 5 and cut the rest.

I still find it confusing that they use black for vcc which is normally the color for ground…

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Yes, I’d seen the image. The description you added helps a lot.
I agree, having black as VCC and red as ground is confusing - part of why I wanted to double check I had it right.