Code modification to send data to thingspeak


I have modified the PRO DIY 4.2 code so that it sends data to the thingspeak iot service, at the same time as the airgradient server.
the code is not perfect it has its problems . . .

-How can I delete all the wifi keys from the eeprom?
“I deleted it” but that problem was not fixed, it connects to the Wi-Fi that it already has configured

-At some point the OLED screen rotated 180° but “delete the eeprom” fixed it

-It is necessary to press the configuration button to prevent it from entering a configuration loop when starting the power connection to the equipment.
I don’t know why this happened, and if it is related to the WiFi keys in eeprom. . .

If you uncomment this line and flash it will delete the old hotspot:
WiFi.disconnect(); //to delete previous saved hotspot

Regarding the config button press needed on startup, there was a bug in the original 4.2 code. Please check the latest version on github that should not have this issue.


i just update the code , its work fine and fix all erros

its posible to integrate the function
WiFi.disconnect(); on the push buttom menu ? on boot ?

thank you