CO2 Calibration Requested not working for DIY Pro

I’m trying to force recalibration using the dashboard “Request co2 calibration” option (edit sensor). The current readings are crazy high (1300 inside, 530 inside) so clearly something is off. A week later, nothing has changed and the readings are still very high.

An older post from last year (Air Gradient Pro - CO2 below 400ppm - #2 by AirGradient) says that this feature isn’t yet implemented for DIY units.

I have questions:

  1. Has this feature been implemented? If not, when?
  2. Does requesting this feature prevent the so-called automatic baseline calibration(ABC) from working?
  3. Does ABC go to 400 or the current global level (419 per Daily CO2)



Values of 1300 inside and 530 outside could be realistic. Outdoor CO2 typically ranges from 430 - 700 depending on local emissions etc. Indoors we often see values going above 2000ppm.

The DIY sensor calibration cannot be triggered through the dashboard but the S8 has an automatic baseline calibration that will reset the lowest value to around 400ppm every 7 days.