Chicago, Il, USA. last 48 hours

We have been getting a lot of smoke from wildfires in Canada. This graph is a pretty stark shift as the prevailing winds shift back from three days of coming from the South West.

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Thanks for sharing this. I hope you have some air purifiers to protect your health.

I saw even worse indoors in my NYC apartment a couple weeks ago. Bought some MERV-rated filters for my HVAC units and have been running the fans constantly over the last day, and that has brought my AQI down to safe levels. (You can see in the first half, when it was not running constantly, that AQI would worsen pretty quickly. This despite living in a building that’s only 16 years old.)

Are these outdoor readings, or indoor readings?

Indoor. That’s why it matters. You should not assume indoor is significantly better than outdoor. But looks like @Bobfa is outdoor, from his label “NW Outside”.