Can't make initial connect to device with phone

Once AirGradient DIY was assembled it was only first launch when wi-fi appeared.
Unfortunately i decided to set it up later.
Since that non of devices can’t find the hotspot of AirGradient.
Manual finding of "ag-3002cf " network is also can’t do anything.

Is there any ways to hard reset it? Any suggestions?

Did you connect it to a wifi network on that first boot?

I made a recent post here:

where I show what line you can change and then upload the firmware again to reset any saved wifi configurations

When i was pushing this file i’ve encountered this problem:

/Users/romanveselov/Downloads/arduino-master/examples/DIY_PRO_V4_2/DIY_PRO_V4_2.ino:106:20: error: expected initializer before ‘/’ token
106 | const int pmInterva/Users/romanveselov/Downloads/arduino-master/AirGradient.hl = 5000;
| ^
/Users/romanveselov/Downloads/arduino-master/examples/DIY_PRO_V4_2/DIY_PRO_V4_2.ino: In function ‘void updatePm()’:
/Users/romanveselov/Downloads/arduino-master/examples/DIY_PRO_V4_2/DIY_PRO_V4_2.ino:304:39: error: ‘pmInterval’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘co2Interval’?
304 | if (currentMillis - previousPm >= pmInterval) {
| ^~~~~~~~~~
| co2Interval

exit status 1

Compilation error: expected initializer before ‘/’ token

Does it mean, that every time i need to switch Air Gradient to another wi-fi, pushing of this code needed?

I would try following the instructions here, as it looks like you were cloning their entire repo:

The AirGradient DIY Air Quality Sensor (Pro Presoldered-Version, PCB Version 4.2)

There is an automatic or manual with Arduino IDE that you can try.

It does appear that with the Arduino code, it will remember the last connected network. But the screen should work to display values without being connected to wifi at all.

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