Cannot connect to dashboard

Bought the DIY kit. After assembly it connected to the wifi and to the dashboard. Everything seemed to work fine. While I was going through the options and preferences I must have done something that it didn’t like and basically erased the dashboard. I hadn’t flashed it yet so the next day I decided to update it. After that I was unable to connect to the wifi. The dashboard opens blank and says “Connect your first monitor”. So start over and it says that the S/N is already in use. It does recognize my account.

Hi @Mikeie !
From your description it looks like the location has been removed, but the monitor might still be present on your dashboard. Could you please check the Hardware Administration page? If you see the monitor on the list, please delete it and then just start over with monitor connection process again.
If this doesn’t work, please let us know.
Thanks for choosing AirGradient Monitor!

Thankyou, I am back in business.