Calibration questions for the indoor monitor


  1. I don’t like / find ABC useful for my use case. Can I turn it off from the app?
  2. Can I “force” a calibration? I.e. for the next 10 minutes the values will be ___?
  3. It looks like home assistant integration is a custom ROM? Will home assistant be officially supported out of the box anytime soon?

I don’t think there is an easy way in the provided Arduino code, but the Sensair S8 does support disabling Automatic Baseline Calibration and manually triggering it, but you would have to code that yourself.

I’m using ESPHome with mine, and I’ve exposed a virtual switch to trigger the baseline calibration and to enable/disable ABC. It is still a work in progress

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And while you may not thinking ABC is useful, the sensors do drift, so being able to get them calibrated to the correct values is valuable. I have 2 in my house and they can differ by 400 points over time, but calibrating them outside gets them in sync

I agree that calibrating them is required. The problem is the logistics of it. With hot temperatures in the summer, cold temperatures during the winter, and construction all year round opening windows every day can be tricky.

@MallocArray There is no license file in the GitHub repository. Are you planning on adding one?

I added one recently