Blue light flashing continuously on power up (O-1PST Kit, PCB Version 1.3)

I recently bought the O-1PST kit (3-4 weeks ago) hence I assume the PCB version is 1.3.
I bought 2 units. One of them works fine, the blue light is steady on and flashes every few minutes when sending data over wifi.
The second one assembled identically, on power up has the blue led flashing continuously and cannot connect to wifi during the configuration process.
There is a rather urgent need to get this working for a student project where the class has already begun. This is at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA. Getting this working will help create good PR and long term publicity for Airgradient.
Would appreciate help in fixing this.

Thanks much

Flash the latest firmware on both
The AirGradient Open Air Outdoor Air Quality Monitor (O-1PST Kit, PCB Version 1.3)

The constant flashing used to mean that it wasn’t connected to wifi, which sounds like what you are encountering. As a general rule, upgrading to the latest firmware is a good first step.

Feel free to contact me through our support form and we can arrange a trouble shooting call.

Yes, that worked. Thanks!