Best option for wired ethernet connection? HCHO sensor?

Hi all, brand new to this forum and project, but have been building electronics and soldering for over 30 years. What does everyone recommend for the DIY Pro Indoor kit if I want to use a hardwired ethernet connection and leave WIFI turned off? Also, is there an optional module to measure formaldehyde (HCHO)?

I’m not sure if this is an ESPHome limitation, or a limitation of the ESP8266 itself, but looks like Ethernet is a nogo with it
Ethernet Component — ESPHome

You can search around for any other public options for Ethernet for an ESP8266, but you would have to modify the code for it yourself. I wouldn’t expect the AirGradient team to make that a priority, as wifi seems to be working just fine in most use cases.

For formaldehyde, there are some models of the PMS5003 sesnsor that includes a formaldehyde sensor, so it would be not a significant amount of work to add support for them yourself if you swap the entire sensor.

There is a thread in this forum asking about it for 3d Printing purposes, but if I remember right, with the PMS sensor method, the TVOC and formaldehyde levels tracked with each other, so may not truly measuring only formaldehyde

Thank you, very helpful!